hāna, Maui Hawai'i

Creating a sacred space that supports the discovery of true happiness.
Ramana’s Grace is a retreat space and farm land in service to
Ramana Maharshi’s transmission of Self Discovery.

Video Credit: Mahalo Kevin Lammer! Drone footage from July 2021

E Komo Mai


In 2016, Grace Manon Pretre was guided to purchase sacred land in the Hāna region of Maui.

Six acres of lush, tropical land is now home to the ever evolving

Ramalani Farms or Ramana’s Heavenly Farm, where those in search of truth

can find a space full of beauty that serves the discovery of true happiness & inner peace.


The roots of peace

Ramana’s Grace is the seed of Ramana Maharshi’s spiritual teachings, passing on the good news of happiness & freedom through Papaji, Gangaji & Eli, onto many others in this great lineage of awakening.

Grace at the Temple


A vision that invites all to freedom

Ramana’s Grace is a vision in bloom, an educational non-profit (501(c)3) organization, founded on three core principles:

  • Support the discovery of the essential nature of Being, by providing a sacred space for retreat. 
  • Raise awareness about living in harmony with the land & all beings, by creating a working farm and contributing to food security for our island & beyond.
  • Explore ancient ways of connecting with the elements and the unity of heaven & earth, by building energy, grounding & opening energy channels.

Like the land that supports it, this vision is ever growing, creating space for training programs and an organic farm. Below are some of the features that are coming to fruition:


Group Gatherings & Ceremonies

Trainings &


Massage & Energy Healing
with Grace

Kid's Nature Playground & Animal Sanctuary

Music Recording
& Instruction

Grow with Us

We invite you to support the vision of Ramana’s Grace.

“Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world. The sun is simply bright. It does not correct anyone. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.”